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What your home needs is exposure - When you work with us to sell, your home will be seen, discovered, and understood in the marketplace.

With the proven Maven Marketing Plan, your home will have high-definition photography, interactive 3D tours, professional short films, StoryBrand copywriting, targeted social media advertising, and more.

When you match the right images with the right words and showcase them to the right people in the right places, more qualified buyers discover your home and you sell for more faster.


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"They have a very far-reaching marketing plan and they don't let up. It's not just to satisfy you in the beginning. They keep it going, so I never have to call them and say, 'What's going on?' " 



What Makes The Maven Marketing Plan So Different?

When it comes to selling a home, most agents will simply put a sign in your yard, put your home on the MLS, and pray that it sells.

The Maven Marketing Plan is revolutionary because it uses cutting-edge technology and analytics to reach your home's prospective buyers where they are - online, in our database, and in your community.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 95 percent of recent homebuyers used the Internet in some way in their home search process and 51 percent found the home they purchased online.

We understand how important it is to create a buzz online and in the community to sell your home having helped over 700 homeowners sell for more using the proven Maven Marketing Plan.

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How It Works



Digital content is the foundation of The Maven Marketing Plan. That's why we hire professionals to create beautiful high-definition photos, capture interactive 3D tours, shoot and edit professional short films, develop easy-to-read floor plans, and more when we sell your home.

First Impressions Matter


If a photograph is worth a thousand words, we want your home to speak volumes! Homes shot with high-definition photographs receive more views and capture buyers' attention for much longer.

That's why we only hire the best real estate photographer in town to shoot your home.


Accessibility Matters

3D Tour 

In a market largely dependent on foreign buyers like the Greater Miami real estate market, buying your home "site unseen" is no longer a thing of the future. It's the now.

Our 3D walkthrough tour is an online experience that lets buyers tour your home from the first-person perspective on a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.

Think of it as a 24-hour open house available to anyone with an internet or cellular connection anywhere in the world.


Emotions Matter

Short Films 

Every home has a story left untold by photographs and text. That's why we hire a professional local video production company to produce a short film that tells the unique story of your home.

Think of it as a movie trailer. Our focus with the short film is to captivate the viewer and create an emotional connection to your home.


Functionality Matters

Floor Plans

Today's home buyers demand detailed information regarding room sizes and floor plan functionality. We hire a professional to craft a floor plan that satisfies that demand and sets your home apart from the competition.


Lifestyle Matters

Lifestyle Map

Buyers aren't looking to buy shelter only. They're looking for a neighborhood that matches their lifestyle.

We create a lifestyle map to give buyers a sense of the community and lifestyle they're buying into. We provide this for people to say, "Well, yeah, this feels like me!"


Words Matter


Stories sell. We use the StoryBrand Framework to invite buyers into your home's story.

The StoryBrand Framework helps us communicate your home's message clearly. And when we clarify your home's message, buyers make appointments, submit offers, and your home sells for more.


Design Matters

Stunning Website

Your home deserves a home online. That's why we make sure your home stands out from the crowd with its very own Property Page. 

The Property Page is designed with a focused objective - for prospective buyers to be wowed by your home's digital content AND for them to schedule an appointment to see your home in person.


Advertise & Announce

Once we're done collecting and creating your home's digital content, it's time to spread the word. We use the advanced targeting options of social media to proactively reach prospective buyers, email to announce your home's availability to our database, and print advertising to let your community know your home is on the market.

Targeted Reach Matters

Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Instagram have enormous user bases, gather large amounts of user information, and provide advanced targeting options that provide an unprecedented level of personalization not achievable on any other advertising channel.

We create event-based Facebook and Instagram ads to reach and engage tens of thousands of prospective buyers in a comfortable environment where they willingly spend time every day.


Lasting Impressions Matter

Email Bursts

Email is the currency of the web. The average worker spends 11 hours a week in their inbox. 

We craft targeted event-based email campaigns that tell your home's story and deliver them to to a carefully-chosen audience to create curiosity and make a lasting impression. 


Everyone Matters

Direct Mail Marketing

No matter what socio-economic position Americans hold, we all have one thing in common: snail mail.

That's why we design, professionally print, and mail jumbo, irregular-sized postcards to your community. While one type of marketing (online) might be great for one segment of customers, one particular method (direct mail) might be great for another.

The idea is for everyone in our target market to receive the message that your home is available for sale.



Once we've scheduled and executed our advertising and announcement campaigns, it's time to follow-up. Our inside sales team proactively reaches out to other real estate agents and hot prospects via telephone calls, texts, and individualized email .

Global Reach Matters

Engel & Völkers

Our brokerage, Engel & Völkers, is a service company that specializes in the brokerage of premium residential property in 35 countries on 5 continents with more than 800 shops.

Being part of a global network of more than 11,000 real estate advisors allows us to showcase your home to the four corners of the earth and everywhere in between at "the click of a button".


Follow-Up Matters


The money is in the follow-up. That's why we use a cutting-edge sales tool that allows us to get in touch with the right people at the right time. 

Our customer relationship management tool allows our inside sales team to prospect in real time by using on-site activity and marketing results that give us a transparent view of the people clicking and engaging with your home online.

We don't cold call prospects. We warm call them.


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