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We Moved to EV. Here's Why.

Adrian Salgado

Adrian Salgado is a REALTOR® with the Gables Mavens team at Engel & Völkers in Coral Gables, FL...

Adrian Salgado is a REALTOR® with the Gables Mavens team at Engel & Völkers in Coral Gables, FL...

Sep 30 5 minutes read

When Raul and I started an independent brokerage in the midst of the largest housing crisis in our country's history, our simple (not-so-simple) goal was to change the negative perception people have about real estate agents by placing the individual needs of home buyers and sellers above ALL else.

Fast forward ten years. 

While our goal remains the same, a desire to scale our competitive advantages and an opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in our industry have brought about change.

We moved to Engel & Völkers. Here's why.

The Jockey

In the world of start-up investing, seasoned venture capital investors prefer to "bet the jockey, not the horse."

In plain words, they bet on the entrepreneur (leader) over the idea.

When considering a move, Raul and I agreed the jockey had to be a Triple Crown Jockey. 

We were interested in a leader with a proven track record who demonstrates confidence, communicates and interacts effectively, is knowledgeable, well-rounded, discerning, humble, and appreciates people who think creatively, solve problems and take initiative.

We weren't looking for someone who served as Chief Financial Officer of Terremark during its initial public listing in 2000 before his 30th birthday, but that helps.

We weren't looking for someone who was instrumental in bringing the Sotheby's Realty franchise to Dade, Broward, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands before his 35th birthday, but that helps too.   

We look to Irving as a mentor who will guide us, help us fill in the blind spots and expose us to new opportunities we don't even know exist.

In return, we're looking to be held accountable, learn and ADD VALUE by clarifying his message and providing innovative, cutting-edge approaches to buying and selling homes. 

The Horse

While seasoned venture capital investors prefer to bet the jockey over the horse, the very best investors bet the jockey AND the horse.

That's what we did.

Engel & Völkers is a service company specializing in the brokerage of premium residential property, commercial real estate, yachts and aircrafts.

It was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1977 and currently operates in over 35 countries on 5 continents with more than 800 shops and 10,000 advisors.

Joining Engel & Völkers allows us to tap into a worldwide network of 10,000+ advisors overnight. That's important in a global real estate market that attracts foreign buyers like South Florida. 

The ability to showcase our clients' homes and share our hyper-local market expertise with the four corners of the earth at "the click of a button" excites us to the point of anxiety. 

We weren't looking for a brand that increased revenue by 122% from 2014 to 2017, but that helps.

We weren't looking for a brand that went from 500 shops in 2012 to 800 shops in 2017, but that helps too.

While the idea of working with a proven brand that's been around for more than forty years and continues to grow is great, that's not what makes this a Triple Crown Horse.

We're betting on the unscalable - the humans behind The Horse. The ones who may not always get the shine, but make The Horse and The Jockey shine every day.

The opportunity to learn and collaborate with talented people like Alexie, Lissette, Debby, Matt, Victor, the Nicolas Group, Lourdes and so many others in the EV Family we've yet to break bread with, is what makes Engel & Völkers Miami our Triple Crown Horse.

We look forward to developing new ideas, creating processes and enhancing the culture together to make The Horse shine even brighter.

In Closing

We end where we began ten years ago. With you, our client, in mind.

The reason we even considered a move was you.

It started with a simple question, "How can we serve our clients better?".

That simple question led us down the road that brought us here.

We look forward to understanding your needs at a profound level, so we can provide valuable insight, convey new opportunities and simplify the stressful and complex process of buying and selling a home.

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