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How to Make Your Home Available for Showings

Adrian Salgado

Adrian Salgado is a REALTOR® with the Gables Mavens team at Engel & Volkers in Coral Gables, FL...

Adrian Salgado is a REALTOR® with the Gables Mavens team at Engel & Volkers in Coral Gables, FL...

Feb 7 6 minutes read

So you followed your agent's advice and took care of the 3 P's - you Prepared your home to sell, Priced it at the "sweet spot", and are Promoting it the Gables Mavens way. Now what?

It's showtime! Time to make your home available for home buyers to experience it.

It's IMPORTANT that your home is easy to show. The more your home is shown, the more likely you are to receive offers to purchase your home. The more offers you receive, the higher your chances of selling your home for the most the market will bear in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of worry and inconvenience.

It is common to receive same-day and even last-hour showing requests. Although it may sound unreasonable, oftentimes, those turn out to be the most motivated buyers.

Nine times out of ten, if a buyer or buyer's agent cannot schedule a showing appointment on the first try, they won't attempt to reschedule for a latter date. Missed opportunity.

Remember, the showing you turn down could be the buyer for your home.

We Love You, But...We Don't Want You Present For Showings

Nobody knows your home better than you. However, we recommend that you are NOT present when a buyer comes to see your home.

Buyers need to feel as comfortable as possible when looking at your home. They should feel welcome to open closets, look in the kitchen drawers, look behind the furniture, flush toilets, etc.

The presence of the homeowner during showings makes buyers feel uncomfortable and hurried. It keeps them from taking a good, long look into all of the rooms because they fear being rude. They spend too much time being cautious and not enough time imagining themselves living in the home.

When buyers aren't comfortable to explore, they miss the intricacies and details of your home. This translates into a missed opportunity for the buyer and you.

We handle all showings personally. We don't leave lock boxes or courtesy keys. We attend all showings to proactively sell the home, identify a buyer's motivation, and answer any questions a buyer or buyer's agent may have on the spot. There are always plenty.

We Love Them, But...Your Pets Cannot Be Present For Showings

Rather than keeping your pets locked up in the garage or back yard, consider bringing your pet along for the ride, or asking a friend, family member or neighbor to keep and look after your pet while your home is being shown.

Keeping your pets out of your home while it is being shown minimizes the impact they have on the home and avoids any mishaps with buyers.

Let There Be Light

Open all the window coverings to allow natural light to shine in your home. Keep blinds partially drawn if there is undesirable outdoor scenery or a nearby structure (a neighbor's home?) that obstructs the view.

Every single thing that makes light in your home should be turned on for showings. Yes, everything. Every floor lamp, every ceiling fan lamp, closet lights, every art-feature light, the microwave light, and even the light on the hood fan.

People looking to buy a home love well-lit places.

Having all of your home lights on, even in the middle of the day, gives the impression that there is bountiful light in the home and adds perceived value.

Use Scent to Make a Sale

You've probably heard that everyone loves the smell of freshly baked cookies when touring a home. 

Recent research suggests that complex smells, such as baked goods and potpourri, are likely to dampen enthusiasm.

Complex scents, even when pleasant, can be a distraction because some people subconsciously dedicate time and energy to figuring out what the aroma is.

You don't want buyers processing smells. You want them to process whether your home is a place they want to live in.

Instead, consider simple scents, such as orange, lemon, basil, and pine. Those scents are easier to process and less distracting.

Natural scents that mimic the lifestyle of your home work best.

Let the Music Play

Softly played music in the background helps set a mood. Multiple studies have shown that background music at the right tempo makes people move more slowly and take more time looking at a home.

Instrumentals work best. Stay away from music with vocals. Go for some instrumental light jazz or light classical. Music stations on your digital cable network work well because they allow you to choose music by genre and it's never-ending.

The music should be loud enough to hear, but not so loud that you can't hold a comfortable conversation if you're standing close to it.

Turn on water fountains or other interior water features, if available.

Turn off all televisions (unless you're playing a music station on your digital cable network). Televisions are a major distraction when buyers are looking at a home.

In Closing

In an ideal world, the best way to maximize showings is for the home to be vacant and staged professionally.

However, being that most sellers occupy the home they are selling, providing dedicated hours to show your home every day is the next best thing.

Turning away buyers or making your home difficult to show sends a negative message - that the seller isn't motivated or serious about selling. That doesn't inspire buyers to write offers.

Remember, the more your home is shown, the higher your chances of receiving offers. The more offers you receive, the higher your chances of selling your home for the most the market will bear in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of worry and inconvenience.

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