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They went so far beyond expectations that I must refer to them as my life savers!

I had the unhappy task of flying from NY to Miami to assist my older brother in a move and tackle the dismantlement of our family home occupied since 1951. I am a 71 year old woman who has not been in Miami since the death of my Mother.

As a Realtor/Broker myself, I had an idea of how to research candidates and then lined up interviews. Dash (aka Gables Mavens) were the most professional presentation I had ever experienced and even "borrowed" some of their material for my agents to use.

But, I have witnessed interviews and heard promises before; the proof would be in the pudding.

After 4 weeks of extreme physical work within the house, there was still much to be done and I had to get back to NY. This is when my Realtors, Adrian Salgado and Raul Estrada stepped up to the plate. They went so far beyond expectations that I must refer to them as my life savers.

Raul and Adrian arranged to have the rest of the house cleared out and blessedly donated to much needed charities. They finished the cleanup and with the notice of the oncoming hurricane, arranged for all the shutters to be down and a photographic inspection afterwards.

Raul introduced me to Raymond, an incredible landscaper, who brought life back to the property. Raul guided me through the long distance closing (I had a DPOA to act on my brother's behalf), stayed in constant communication and is there now for the final wrap-up.

Their marketing was so extraordinary that we had 5 offers in 4 days.

I cannot say enough about these guys.... EXTRA-ORDINARY! If they ever move north, I hope they will work with me!

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