The 1950's were characterized by homes built with the goal of bringing modernism into America's post-war suburbs.

Influenced by the International and Bauhaus movements in Europe, Mid-Century architects and developers in the States targeted the growing needs of the average American family.

Goodbye formal spaces, tiny closets, and seclusion from the environment. 

Hello ample windows, open spaces, geometric lines, natural finishes, clean simplicity, and the integration of the indoors with nature and the outdoors.

The following 12 homes, all built in the 1950's, are currently available for sale in Coral Gables for UNDER $700,000.

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Top 10 Buying Opportunities in Coral Gables Right Now 

The list prices for these homes have been reduced over the last 2 weeks. They have been on the market for an average of 133 days and received an average price reduction of -9.5%.

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